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From button cells to round cells to extremely powerful lead batteries: We are specialists and always at the cutting edge of technical developments. In our shop you will find a very wide range of all kinds of batteries:

  • Ampercell

  • Varta

  • Duracell

  • Renata

  • Rayovac hearing aid batteries

  • Special batteries

  • Sales aids

  • Battery tester


Did you know that LEDs convert almost 100% of the energy used into light and have an almost unlimited lifetime? From key lights to compact hand lamps, our range of LED lights is large. In addition, you will also find a diverse selection of battery-powered flashlights:


  • Rechargeable work lights

  • Battery-powered work lights

  • Mini work lightsMini Arbeitsleuchten


  • Battery-powered hand lamps

  • Rechargeable hand lamps


  • AMPERLUX 3000
    The new power generation made of high-quality aluminum consists of 6 battery operated lamp types and a rechargeable lamp. All lamps are water protected, infinitely variable focusable and equipped with a practical roll stop. With partly three light modes (100%, 50%, flashing) they provide a luminosity of 32 up to 350 lumens (CREE LED) and reach, in addition to their long range in 100% light mode, a lighting duration of up to 8 hours.


  • AMPERLITE 2000

  • LED Headlights

  • LED small lights (key lights)

  • LED dynamo lights

  • LED flat lights, also with color filter,
    Example: DB red/red, red/green

  • LED lights with infrared motion detector

Andere Produkte

Professionals and private customers alike will find what they are looking for with us, because we offer the right solution for almost every application. And if not, talk to us. We are also happy to take care of tricky cases:


  • Construction site lights

  • Outdoor & Camping-Leuchten

  • Hand fans

  • Special lights

  • Replacement lights

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